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Experienced guitar teacher Martin Ågren offers acoustic guitar courses in English in Stockholm and online.

Having private guitar lessons is the best way to learn how to play guitar. And it's fun!


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Guitar teacher in Stockholm

Private guitar instructor Martin Ågren has a lot of experience, both as an educator and as a musician. Martin has given more than 1000 private lessons and performed more than 200 times as a professional musician as a guitarist and singer (troubadour).

He has a guitar teacher certificate, as well as a degree in guitar teaching from the Swedish Academy of Music.

Listen to the teacher playing

Martin Ågren has a YouTube channel. There you can watch videos of live performances and listen to recordings of music. There is also a presentation video in English on YouTube.

Guitar teacher Martin Ågren in Stockholm
Guitar teacher Martin Ågren in Stockholm
Teacher certification and diploma
Teacher certification and diploma


Alternative 1: IRL lesson

Visiting address for IRL guitar lessons is: Lindhagensgatan 51, 112 43 Stockholm, at Kungsholmen in Sweden (only scheduled appointments). There is an intercom at the entrance.

IRL is an abbreviation for in real life which means we meet in person (in contrast to online where we meet over the Internet).

Alternative 2: Online lesson

If you choose this option, the guitar lesson is given online through Zoom or FaceTime.

A picture of the teaching room in Stockholm
The teaching room at Kungsholmen, Stockholm


Price per lesson

  • ● 45 minutes lesson: 500 SEK
  • 60 minutes lesson: 650 SEK (recomended - best for most students)
  • ● 90 minutes lesson: 950 SEK

Price per package

8 lessons (60 minutes each): 4750 SEK. You save 450 SEK.


Prices include Swedish VAT.

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Book a guitar lesson

Please email to:

...or send text message (SMS) to:

070-444 50 42

...and write the student's name and whether you want to meet IRL in Stockholm or have guitar lesson online!

Schedule, lessons

Private lessons are available on both weekdays and weekends (every day of the week, that is) in general.

Guitar lessons usually start at: 09:45, 11:45, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00 (and sometimes also 17:45).



Borrow acoustic guitar

It is possible for you to borrow acoustic guitar (for right-handed adults) during the IRL lessons. If you prefer to bring your own guitar instead, that if of course also an option.

Individual guitar tuition

Learn guitar through one-on-one sessions! One student at a time has a guitar lesson. Personal one-to-one lessons are advantageous, since the guitar teacher can adjust instructions to each and every guitar students own personal level and needs.

Anyone can sign up

Guitar playing is for everyone! Guitar teacher Martin Ågren will help you learn to play the guitar (if you start as a beginner) or to become a better guitar player (if you already have some guitar skills).

Martin Ågren teaches guitar students of different ages: seniors, people of average age, teenagers and kids (minimum age is 8 years).

What you can learn

During the guitar classes, you can learn how to play songs on guitar, guitar pieces, strumming patterns, fingerstyle patterns, classical guitar playing, technical exercises, fingerpicking, practicing methods, music theory, sitting position, and more.



COVID-19 update

As a COVID-19 safety precaution, guitar student and guitar teacher are always more than two meters away from each other, and ventilation is good. Online lessons are also avaliable, if the guitar student would prefer that.

Martin Ågren is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will keep accepting to receive new doses as soon as they become avaliable.



Reviews and ratings

There are several great reviews about Martin Ågren. Down below, you can read some of them (originally publisched on Google Maps).

Reviewer Björn Zettergren
Björn Zettergren
Highest score

Wonderful educational and patient teacher with plenty of humor. Fun lessons every time. Recommended!

Reviewer Nina Vetter
Nina Vetter
Highest score

A fantastic concert with Martin who sings so catchy and plays guitar like a God!

Reviewer Afrah Saeed
Afrah Saeed
Highest score

Martin Ågren has been with us several times at Högdalen's retirement home, where I work. Always much appreciated concerts by both residents and staff!

Reviewer Karl Peterson
Karl Peterson
Highest score

Excellent appearance and professional attitude. Highly recommended!

Reviewer Hans Sjöström
Hans Sjöström
Highest score

Thanks Martin. Your appearance was so much appreciated by everyone present and especially the bride and groom who cried when they got their wishes fulfilled.

Oddgeir Vestad
Highest score

Serious and knowledgeable guitar teacher. It becomes fun with classical guitar when you go to Martin. I'll be back when my fingers are ready. Martin is highly recommended.

Cecilia Clase
Highest score

Martin is not only a good musician with a large repertoire, but also a committed, helpful, responsive and constructive teacher. You develop quickly when you play with you!

Iuliana Deaconeasa
Highest score

Very good, pedagogical and patient teacher. My daughter thought the lessons were great fun! Martin is highly recommended.

Thierry Dubreuil
Highest score

Very nice, serious and knowledgeable teacher, who is pedagogical and adapts the pace of the lesson with the student's prior knowledge. Can highly recommend Martin!

Philip Wilmar
Highest score

Professional response and the feeling that it will be fine. Good musiciaand singer.

Marcus Ewert
Highest score

We hired Martin for my mother's funeral. He was wonderful and very capable.p>

Hedwig Grut
Highest score

Martin made a brilliant effort as a troubadour at our son's baptism. Partly during the actual baptismal period and at the mingle after. He was very careful in the planning and offered a very nice repertoire... We are very satisfied and recommend Martin to our friends

Highest score

I really enjoyed my guitar lessons with Martin. He is great teacher and helped me a lot to develop my skills further.